No cartoonish metaverse. Only hyper-immersive experience.

The current metaverse ecosystem is out of touch with reality.

We are building the infrastructure and the technologies that melt-together virtual-reality and reality.

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Hyper-immersive experience

  • Hyper-real avatars that are nearly indistinguishable from real-life. Notices the smallest fascial expressions and emotions in real-time.
  • Hyper-customizable avatars. Any look, any style.

  • Hyper-real multi-source sound that changes with distance, volume (e.g. whisper or a scream, and material (e.g. walls and furniture in between).

  • Hyer-real environments that are nearly distinguishable from real-life.

  • Hyper-scalable to hundreds of millions of concurrent users in inner- and outer-worlds.

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Hyper-Immersive everywhere

Choose your new reality in the following scenarios

Social Metaverse

Build your social experience, according to your imagination

Dating Metaverse

The dates of your dreams can be a new reality

Shopping Metaverse

Your shopping experience can match the reality or better hyper reality

Class Metaverse

Leaning doesn’t have to be learning it can be the reality which can be recreated and experienced .

Campus Metaverse

Experience the campuses from your desktop,

Work Campus Metaverse

Your work doesn’t need to be boring desktop it can be your imagined reality

Your Imagination can be the Reality

Lease space. Build any reality. Pay what you use

How it works


Lease space

Don’t buy land. Lease any space for 1 to 99+ years. Pay monthly. Use our scalable infrastructure to deliver a hyper-real immersive experience to anyone. Sell your space (i.e. NFT) or your business to anyone.


Build any reality

Build any hyper-real environment or experience using our platform. Make a business out of it or sell it (the NFT). Hyper-real avatars for your users automatically included.

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